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What is TTICA?

To Those I Care About Car Richards Hi, how are you? My name is Car Richards and you have found To Those I Care About (also known as TTICA). You may ask, "what is TTICA about?" Well, let me tell you a little story...

Even before I was a teenager, I would write to my family and friends. I would write songs, letters and poems...I even hand-made cards! Everything I wrote and made came from my heart because I loved the people...I cared for them.

Well, fast forward to now. I know so many more people and am aware that there are millions, even billions, that I never may personally know. Yet, my heart still has thoughts of love and care for them all. So, to reach more people, I formed a ministry of love named To Those I Care About. Now I write to the all who will listen.

Why do this? begins and ends with love. I have lived a life filled with the love of God and personally can speak and write about the difference He makes in life. God is not religion...He is a relationship, and He wants a personal, intimate relationship with you. Yes, you!

You are more loved than you know. Life can blind us and make us deaf to love, mercy, gentleness, encouragement and hope, but here at TTICA you will find the fullness of God's love for you. He reaches out for you to make your life meaningful.

To Those I Care About is God’s handmade card and His love letter to you. Above anyone and anything, God is the One who loves and cares for you. You are loved.

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